Investor Relations

Share Capital Information

The Group’s issued share capital consists of 1,697,381,100 ordinary shares as at 22 February 2023. Narf Groups’s and its major shareholders and director holdings as at 22 February 2023 are:

ShareholderNo. Ordinary SharesPercentage Ordinary Sales
Steve Bassi502,079,48429.58%
Banque Heritage160,000,0009.43%
Nick Davis92,948,0785.48%
Ben Schmidt88,447,4385.21%
Hadron Master Fund Series II65,064,5423.83%
SRI International59,856,1003.5%
John Herring26,000,0001.53%
Rory Heier11,375,0000.67%
Robert Mitchell10,000,0000.59%
Narf Group